Powers of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney

A health care power of attorney is a document that allows someone else to make health care decisions for you should you ever become incapacitated and unable to make your own health care decisions.  Every adult in South Carolina should have a health care power of attorney because without it, there could be a delay in providing recommended treatments if you are unable to consent to them.  If you moved to South Carolina from another state, it is worth having an experienced attorney review your existing health care directive(s) from your prior state.  While the documents from your prior state are not necessarily invalid, it may make sense to execute a new health care power of attorney.   

Business Power of Attorney

A business power of attorney, sometimes also called a durable power of attorney or a general power of attorney, allows someone else (your agent or attorney-in-fact) to make business decisions for you.  They are usually drafted to give your agent broad powers to do in your absence anything that you could do.  Because of the wide range of powers given to your agent, you should only appoint someone you trust unconditionally to be your agent.

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